Welcome to the

2022 Weight Race!

If you’re looking for motivation to help you set and meet goals that nurture your body, mind, spirit, and social life, give Thrive’s 12-week wellness campaign a try. More than a weight loss challenge, you’ll receive motivational tips to help you be more mindful, make healthier food choices and build healthier habits.

Join as an individual or get your co-workers and/or covered spouse involved and create a team. Challenge other teams and make it a fun competition. Earn 15 credits toward the Thrive Health Education wellness incentive when you complete the challenge.

Ways to Win Prizes and Bragging Rights

Top 3 Teams with the highest percentage of weight loss:

  • 1st place: Each team member receives $50.
  • 2nd place: Each team member receives $25.
  • 3rd place: Each team member receives a Vincentian meal ticket.

Facility with the highest percentage of employees who register for challenge:

  • Facility keeps Thrive Cup for one month during the challenge.
  • Each participating employee receives a Vincentian meal ticket.

Facility with the highest percentage of employees who complete challenge:

  • Facility keeps Thrive Cup for one month after the challenge.
  • Each participating employee receives a Vincentian meal ticket.

Prize Drawings at each campus:

  • Employees who complete the 12-week challenge will be entered into a drawing for a one-week preferred parking space or a one-week bus pass.

Registration ends Monday, Jan. 31. The campaign runs from Monday, Jan. 24, to Friday, April 15.

To join this challenge:

  • Register online at upmchp.us/weightrace22.
  • Join as an individual or form a team. Teams can have 2 to 6 members. Each team member needs to register.
  • Set your weight goal when you register.
  • Record your weight each week.

You may have an overall weight goal in mind, but for now, set a goal for the next 12 weeks. Think about how reaching a healthier weight will affect your overall well-being. Use this guide for help mapping your healthy weight journey.

During the Weight Race:

  • Work on developing healthy habits each week.
  • Aim for progress, not perfection.

Stay focused on how your life or health will improve when you reach your best weight.

Wellness Champions

Vincentian’s Wellness Leader

Joy Regan
412-548-4057 – Office
412-584-4414 – Cell

Vincentian de Marillac

Krista Albitz

Ebony Thomas

Vincentian Marian Manor & VCDC Greentree

Alex Konecky
412-654-3770 – cell

Mary Kurzawski

Cece Stocki
412-463-6055 – Cell
412-440-4307 – Office

Vincentian Marian Manor Personal Care

Kaelin Hunter
412-855-6840 – cell

Vincentian Home

Carly Douthit
412-310-5741 – Cell

Lori Eaton

Joanne Zaletsky
412-508-7903 – Cell

Vincentian Home Personal Care

Sara Markl
412-925-8315 – Cell

Shirley Reese

Vincentian Administration Building

Cassie Tenos
412-548-4039 – Office

Lindsey Efkeman

Vincentian Schenley Gardens

Melissa Rothert

Rosemarie Malanoski

VCDC McCandless

Jill Paragi
412-366-8588 – Office
412-297-3589 – Cell

Vincentian Villa & Terrace Place

Christine Holko
412-364-6591 – Office
412-523-7317 – Cell

Quick Links

Record Your Weight

Visit the MyHealth online portal.


We all need to take time for our health and too often those moments come when we have little time to spare. That’s when the RxWell app can help. Download it now.

Health Coaching

If you would like a health coach to help you reach your wellness goals, please call 1-800-807-0751 (TTY: 711).

“The groundwork of all happiness

is good health.”

– James Leigh Hunt